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College buddies need rules when living together

3 Tips to Deal With Your New College Roommate – Austin storage units

College students everywhere are gearing up for another school year. And if you are like many of them, you’ll be sharing your living space, either in a dormitory, apartment or house, with at least one other person. Austin storage units are easy to rent, with us.  If you already know your room or housemates, that’s one thing.  But if you don’t, here are some tips to help ensure that you will get along for the length of your time together:

1. Be civil

Politeness goes a long way. While you may find that your new room or housemate is your polar opposite, always try to be civil in all your interactions with that person. Offer your help and advice, especially if  it looks like he or she is having trouble adjusting to college life. If the person forgets to tidy up once in a while, remind them nicely if it’s getting to be a habit.

2. Set down some house rules

If you are living with someone you don’t know (or don’t know very well), it’s good to sit down together at the beginning and hash out a few basic rules such as those pertaining to:

  •  noise levels,
  • guests (how many and what hours they can stay),
  • cleaning schedules (especially for the kitchen, bathroom and any common areas you share), and
  •  when the lights should go out.

3. Respect each other’s belongings

Perhaps the biggest source of friction between college room or housemates has to do with personal possessions. And this is because everyone has his or her own set of boundaries. For example, you may have no problem letting someone else use your soap or hairbrush, but your roommate  may.  And they can become extremely upset if you touch anything they own. So be clear from the very beginning about what’s OK and what isn’t.

You may find that getting some extra storage space may not only ease a potentially crowded housing situation, but also make you feel more at ease if you want to keep some of your things separate from your roommate(s).  At Lone Star Self-Storage, we offer units in five different sizes to suit every need and budget.  And since our contracts are month-to-month, there’s no long-term lease to ever worry about.   Let us show you the economical way to keep your belongings safe and secure today!  Austin storage units can be obtained quite easy with us.

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