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10 Things To Not Forget – rent a storage unit

No matter how organized you may be–or think you may be–for your next move, chances are that you’ll still manage to forget some detail. This is especially true when you’re dealing with those belongings that you don’t ordinarily focus on daily. Rent a storage unit to house all your belongings that you are not using.  It will help to reduce clutter.

Medical records – Be sure to get copies of you and your family’s medical and dental records including any information pertaining to immunization.  Also ask for any veterinary records belonging to the family pet.Here is a list of the 10 items and things to do, most overlooked by people preparing to relocate:

  • Hidden valuables – If you’ve hidden any valuables in your home, be sure to gather them up. When you actually move, carry smaller valuables such as jewelry with you or store them in a safety deposit box.
  • Phone numbers – Take the phone book you’re currently using with you to your new home. You may need it to contact individuals and/or businesses once you have relocated.
  • Items left for repair – If you have any belongings that are being repaired, cleaned or stored, don’t forget to pick them up. Conversely, if you have things that you’ve borrowed (such as library books), make it a point to return them.
  • Your new address – Carry this information on you in the weeks before you move.  That way, if someone asks for it or if you need to give it out,  you won’t have to go digging for it.
  • A final cleanupBefore you hit the road for your new home, make sure that you give your old home one final scrub-down. You can reduce the amount of stuff to take with you by using any previously purchased cleaning products you may have.
  • The gate or garage door opener – Take any electric opening devices you have out of your car and remember to leave them for the next resident.
  • Transportation arrangements for your pets or plants – If you’re using a moving company, they will likely not be able to transport your pets or plants so you’ll have to make alternate arrangements for them.
  • New bank accounts – Unless you’ll be staying in the same city, you should open a checking account in your new town about a month before you move so that you’ll have access to your funds.
  • Spare keys – Retrieve all sets of spare keys before you leave.

To lighten the load before you move, put some of your harder to forget items like furniture in temporary storage. Lone Self-Storage has a variety of different storage unit sizes (5 X 5 to 10 X 20) to help you organize your belongings and make your move go smoothly.  We’re here for you when you need us!

Lone Star Self Storage is a place where you can rent a storage unit, with ease.  Give us a call and see what we can do for you.

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