Storage Tips

Why Storage?


Get The Coupon An Austin storage facility may be one of the things that you should consider if your home is overflowing with furniture, clutter, old clothes and shoes. If your garage no longer houses your car but it is instead filled with old items that you [...]

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Storage Tips


Get The Coupon Use large boxes for light items and smaller boxes for heavier items. Small boxes are suggested for books, which should be packed flat to protect their spines. Utilize large items for extra storage space. Refrigerators, freezers and washers are perfect for storing soft items [...]

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Packing and Storing Your Books


Get The Coupon Books are heavy. Even paperbacks can become a weight burden if you’ve accumulated a lot of them and are trying to prepare for the move.  So packing them in a way that won’t strain your back–or your budget–can be a challenge. A good way [...]

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