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All our units have convenient drive up access!

We also have cameras to monitor the premises 24/7

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Self Storage Austin TxWelcome to Lone Star Self Storage Austin Tx

If you are looking for Self Storage Austin Tx in the Austin area you have come to the right place. Lone Star Self Storage is located in the 78704 area, is quickly accessible on E. Ben White Blvd. just off I-35, and provides a convenient self-storage solution for all of Austin.

Who are we? We’re a small company with big values & convenient self-storage.

Unlike the big storage corporations, Lone Star Self Storage cannot afford to neglect you, our customer, so we take care of you.

We are an ethical company and we use our own self storage services. In other words, we store our own stuff in mini storage units that are exactly the same as those we rent to customers like you.

Whether you are moving to Austin or already located in the Live Music Capital of the World, call us at 512-444-4232 to secure your self-storage unit today or fill out the online form!

Give us a chance to earn your business, and you will not be disappointed.

We look forward to serving you!


Martha Infante
Customer Relations
Lone Star Self Storage
Austin, TX 78704

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1/2 Off 1st Months Rent – No Lease Required

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Lone Star Self Storage provides secure self storage service, in the South Austin area.  If you are looking for self storage Austin options, then you have came to the right place.  We offer TX Self Storage units that range from 5 x 5 unit to 10 x 30 size unit.  So, no matter the size of storage unit you are in the need of, the perfect Austin storage units awaits you.

Stop by today, or give us a call at 512-444-4232.

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An Austin storage facility may be one of the things that you should consider if your home is overflowing with furniture, clutter, old clothes and shoes. If your garage no longer houses your car but it is instead filled with old items that you cannot give or throw away, then you should seriously start thinking about renting a storage unit in Austin.

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